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M-CHS Guidance Office

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Do you need to register your student to Montezuma-Cortez High School? You will need to stop by our Counseling office and complete an enrollment packet. This packet contains the following information and is required:

·   Home Address / Mailing Address

·   Home, Cell, and Work Phone

·   Parents Names and/or Guardianship Names

·   Emergency Contact Information

·   Home Language Survey

·   Student Medical Information

·   Student Use of the Internet/Electronic Communications

·   Race / Ethnicity Identification Form

·   Required Vaccines / Immunization Record

·   Lunch Application

·   Title 506 Form (if applicable)


You must also supply the following documents (in person).


We will make copies and return the originals to you:

·   Your student’s birth certificate

·   Immunization Record

·   Certificate of Indian Blood (if applicable)


If your child is transferring to us from another district:

           You will need to complete a “student records request form” at this time.


Students who transfer during the school year should also bring the following documents with them:   (We will need these forms prior to enrollment)

·   Withdrawal Form & Withdrawal grades

·   Transcript

·   State test scores

·   Attendance Record from previous school

·   Discipline Report from previous school

·   Individual Education Plan-IEP (if applicable)

·   504 Plan (if applicable)


If your child is transferring to another school:

·   It is very important that you go through our withdrawal process prior to leaving Montezuma Cortez High School.

·   This withdrawal will ensure all books that have been issued to you have been returned; if not you will be charged.


Tammi Slagle, Senior & Soph A-G Counselor ext. 2147

Carmen Maness, Junior  & Soph H-O Counselor ext. 2201

Amanda Higgins, Freshmen & Soph P-Z Counselor ext. 2126

Cammy Stevens, Registrar ext. 2125

Gina Littlefield, Counseling Secretary  ext. 2129